Disappointed in Warren Limmer

To the Editor:


As summer is winding down and politics is heating up I am evaluating the representation in my Maple Grove area. I am represented by Warren Limmer in District 34 and I am very disappointed in his leadership!

During the shutdown, he thought nothing of agreeing to the layoff 19,000 Minnesota workers, costing $70 million, leaving them all without a paycheck, while he kept his own job in the Legislature and fought to deny health care services to the most needy. He spent time and energy fighting this issue in the courts, while doing nothing to create and help to maintain jobs for the state.

What you may not remember, but I cannot forget, is that Warren Limmer continued to receive HIS paycheck from the State. AND in 2011 he was the second highest legislator in receiving per diem! What kind of a legislator puts his own needs above those of his suffering constituents and the members of his State? One who needs to lose his job and be voted out of office!!!


Linda Wold

Maple Grove