Hennepin Sheriff’s Office makes presence in Greenfield

The Hennepin County Sheriff’s Department will again use Greenfield’s Town Hall Dr. building as needed for office use between patrols.

In 2005, when the city moved its city hall to the location on Commerce Cr, the department was allowed use the former city offices on Town Hall Dr. This increased its presence in the city, which pays for sheriff’s department coverage a couple of hours a day. This is also the main source of police protection for the City of Greenfield. It was recently learned, after a resident contacted the department in response to damage to his property, that the department was no longer using the building due to a possible miscommunication. Councilor Brad Johnson contacted the department and expressed an interest in its return to the previous arrangement, which was met by agreement.



In other news, the League of Minnesota Cities Insurance Trust (LMCIT) has communicated to the city, through a letter dated Aug. 14, that it will continue with the insurance coverage as offered in September 2011.

This coverage is an improvement over the radically reduced coverage the city faced in 2009 after years of controversy and an existing political climate that resulted in several lawsuits.

At its worst, in 2009, the city was resigned to coverage only in the areas of bodily injury or property damage by the LMCIT. Coverage for the majority of 2012 was improved to reflect progress in city, staff and public relations. This most recent communication reflects the trust’s nod that there has been improvement, but also acknowledges that it may need additional time to observe due to the data practices lawsuit — settled last month in appeal — and the resignation of a council member earlier this year, before reinstating coverage relative to what was offered prior to the 2009 modification.

Mayor Jerry Hertaus stated that he had plans to continue discussions with the league in regard to this issue, and with hopes of moving more swiftly to full reinstatement of former coverage.

The next regular meeting of the Greenfield City Council is Tuesday, Sept. 4, at 7 p.m. at 7369 Town Hall Dr.