Rogers recognizes citizen who apprehended robber

by Dawn Feddersen-Poindexter

Contributing Writer


At the Rogers City Council meeting Thursday, Aug. 16, Police Chief Jeff Beahen recognized a man who helped apprehend an armed robber.

The Council also gave approval to streamline the process of disposing of forfeited vehicles.


Citizen Commendation

On Aug. 14, John Daiker was filling up his van at the Super America on Rogers Drive.

He noticed a man who was dressed all in black with a bandana covering most of his face entering the gas station. Daiker thought the man seemed suspicious so he kept his eyes trained on him. When he saw the man jump over the counter, he realized he was witnessing a robbery.

He pulled his van up to block one set of doors at the business, yelling to other customers to call the police. He got out of his van to confront the robber but he had already run out of another set of doors. Daiker could see that the man was armed.

“He pursued the suspect without regard to his own safety,” Beahen said.

Daiker tackled the suspect in a nearby parking lot, keeping him in a headlock until police arrived to arrest him.

Daiker was recognized at the Rogers City Council meeting with a Police Departmental Commendation from Beahen and a key to the city of Rogers from Mayor Jay Bunting.

Bunting commended the husband and father for his quick actions which, according to Bunting, may have prevented a high-speed pursuit or worse.


Forfeited Vehicles

Beahen told the Council that when he began his duties as Chief of Police in June, he noticed that there were vehicles that had been forfeited that had been sitting in police custody since 2007.

Though the vehicles are eventually sold, Beahen said, “This is not a revenue source for the city. This is meant as a deterrent to those who commit repeated DWIs, commit burglaries, those type of things.”

Previously, the policy was that permission needed to be sought from the Council for the sale of every vehicle. Beahen asked the Council to grant permission for him to dispose of the vehicles under his own authority to expedite the process. The Council approved the measure unanimously.


In other action, the council:

GAVE the go-ahead to begin the right-of-way process for the 2014 project at Rogers Drive and 141st Avenue North.

APPROVED the hiring process for a police officer, following a recent resignation.