Osseo senior’s tweeting draws international media attention

Inspires worldwide positive response

by Bob San

When he created the twitter account, @OsseoNiceThings, Osseo High School senior Kevin Curwick was simply trying to fight negative cyper bullying hurled at Osseo students with a positive viewpoint. But in the process, he has become a media and cultural sensation whose good deeds were reported all over the country and internationally.

Kevin Curwick, Osseo football player, has created a positive Twitter account, @OsseoNiceThings, that highlights the accomplishments and gifts of his fellow Osseo Senior High students. This account has received national and international attention.
Kevin Curwick, Osseo football player, has created a positive Twitter account, @OsseoNiceThings, that highlights the accomplishments and gifts of his fellow Osseo Senior High students. This account has received national and international attention.

Last week, Curwick was interviewed by Ryan Seacrest and was arranging an appearance on the Today Show.

“It’s getting a lot of good feedback from the school and nationally,” said Curwick, one of the captains on the Oriole football squad. “It’s been pretty crazy. I did not expect to get this much publicity.”

It all started this summer when Curwick noticed some cyber bullies were saying very negative things about fellow Osseo students, including some of his friends and classmates, on Twitter.

“There’s been lot’s of accounts made involving Osseo purely to make fun of other people and to expose secrets and rumors about them to the public,” Curwick said. “From that I just decided to bring out the positives instead of negatives in people.”

Another major motivation that spurred Curwick into action is his love for Osseo High and the Osseo community. He grew up here and is active at OHS. In addition to being a football captain, Curwick is also president of the National Honor Society, is the captain of the Nordic ski team, a member of the Junior Rotarian and a representative to the Northwest Suburban Conference Leadership Conference. He knows that there are numerous amazing students and community folks who do wonderful things daily. He does not want a few negative people to ruin Osseo’s image.

“I didn’t want Osseo to be viewed as this negative place, because that’s not what it is,” Curwick said. “If you are part of the Osseo community and the high school community, you know that it’s a great place. So I didn’t want this reputation being ruined by just a few.”

In late July, Curwick started @OsseoNiceThings, which highlights accomplishments and gifts of his fellow Osseo High students.

“There have been lot’s of people who said we need to stop bullying and things like that,” he said. “But those are usually words. A lot of time bullying is fraught with negativity and eventually you have to try something different and I figured a positive viewpoint, or a positive oriented attack, would work better to counter the negativity of bullying.”

A local television station reported on Curwick’s @OsseoNiceThings, and since then the news has spread like wild fire nationwide and worldwide in Canada and Australia. Not only has Curwick’s creation generated plenty of news coverage, it has also inspired students from all over the state and nation to set up similar Twitter accounts to shed lights on the positive side of people.

“It’s a good feeling. I am glad I am able to do it and I am in a position to positively influence people,” Curwick said. “It’s a pretty good position to be in.”

@OsseoNiceThings’ popularity means Curwick has been extremely busy this past week, as he has to juggle football practices and various media interviews and hundreds of electronic messages. His twitter account had about 120 followers before the news broke out. It has increased to almost 2,500 by the end of last week.

Among those Twitter followers are teen singing sensation Selena Gomez and supermodel Brooklyn Decker. These put a smile on Curwick’s face.

But a moment that Curwick still finds hard to believe was the interview with Seacrest for his radio show that is broadcasted nationally.

“It’s awesome. It’s crazy. I was surprised,” Curwick said. “I thought coach was joking when he said I had an interview with Ryan Seacrest, but all of a sudden it’s Seacrest’s voice. It is quite the experience. He asked more personal questions. It is pretty cool.”

Did Seacrest invite Curwick to appear on American Idol?

“No he didn’t.” Curwick said with a laugh. “I don’t think I have the talent for that.”

Curwick may not have the pipes to be the next Adam Lambert or Scotty McCreery, but his creation of @OsseoNiceThings has shown his talent to create a positive force that inspires and unites people in a positive way. Judging from messages from his followers, Curwick has touched many all over the world.

A follower from Burlington, Ontario, Canada, tweeted: “Now that shows leadership — what a great example to his teammates and his fellow students. Congratulations, Kevin. I am sure your parents are very proud of you.”

A mom from British Columbia, Canada, wrote: “What a man, he is going places. Hope that his parents realize what a great person that they gave the world. All it takes is one person to go against popular trends and it makes a difference. Tell your parents I am proud of you and of them.”

Curwick is pleased with the success of @OsseoNiceThings. He said the negative tweets have disappeared and the support he has received has been tremendous. But he is ready to do more if needed.

“Hopefully it will continue on,” Curwick said. “Hopefully there aren’t more problems after this. But in case there are we will look at other options or ways of stopping it.”