Osseo approves Police Reserve program

The Osseo City Council approved creating a Police Reserve program.

The council also considered a job description and hiring process for the fire chief position.

The following are some of the Monday, Aug. 13, meeting’s highlights.




The council looked at adding a Police Reserve program to the city. Police Chief Tom Hartkopf said the two officers looked into starting a reserve unit within the Osseo Police Department, which would be made up of a maximum six officers that would volunteer their time to the city.

Chief Hartkopf said in talking with the officers, “that it would be quite beneficial.”

He added the idea was brought to the last Public Safety Advisory Committee meeting in June to see if there was interest. “It was quite enthusiastically accepted at Public Safety,” Chief Hartkopf said. “Everybody thought it was a pretty good idea.”

Historically, the Osseo Police Department has used Maple Grove and Champlin reserve officers to help during larger city events.

“The problem with that is we have nothing to reciprocate with back,” he said. “We don’t have the reserves of our own so that we can say, ‘Okay, you’ve helped us now at two events this year, we have our people available if you need help.’ ”

These reserve officers would have to go through a selection process and pass a background investigation prior to appointment. Before going on duty, the reserve officers would also have to go through training with the department’s instructors as well as attend the Hennepin County Reserve School provided at no charge in the spring.

Reserve officers would not have any arrest powers and would not be certified officers, but could help patrol the city and fill a need during events. Times reserve officers might be used would be during Osseo Lions Roar parade, Marching Band Festival, weekend patrolling, waiting on impounded vehicles, transporting prisoners, crime scene security, storm damage and lost persons.

“They are always supervised by an officer,” Chief Hartkopf added.

The reserve officers would have bi-monthly training meetings, which would be coordinated by a full-time police officer.

The city’s cost for reserve officer uniforms would be about $250 per officer. Each officer would then be responsible for all other items and personal equipment.

The department would have some one-time purchases — three flashlights at $110 each, two winter jackets at $200 per jacket and two raincoats at $50 each. These items would be shared between all the reserve officers.

Any costs would be on next year’s budget. There would be two or three reserve officers to start with.

Chief Hartkopf said the reserve officers would help minimize what the department has to charge for to organizations for events. He added this would allow the department to have more staff during an emergency that does not add any costs to the department.

Mayor Al Lindquist asked if the department has received any interest for reserve officers. Chief Hartkopf said the officers that brought this to his attention had some interest.

Councilor Rick Weber asked what the start age would be for reserve officers. Hartkopf said they would be at least 18 years old.

The council voted unanimously to approve starting the Osseo Police Reserve Program.




In other news, the council considered a Fire Chief Job description and hiring process.

City Administrator Douglas Reeder said in April the council appointed Pat McGrane to the position of Acting Fire Chief. The Fire Department officers and Reeder have prepared a job description for a new fire chief and suggested a hiring process.

This process will allow the City Council to appoint a new fire chief in September. A selection process would include two councilors, probably Public Safety Advisory Committee members (Mayor Lindquist and Councilor Rick Weber) for the selection interview.

Reeder said he wanted to change the wording “minimum required training and service” to say “desired training and service.”

The council voted unanimously to approve the job description and hiring process for the Fire Chief as amended.



In other action, the council:

FOUND that the developer of Celtic Crossing has failed to cure the default existing under the 2002 Mary Patrice Development Agreement and directed staff to prepare a resolution declaring the development agreement to be rescinded and cancelled and presented it to the EDA and City Council for approval in September. This just forces the issue that something has to be done by next month, but doesn’t preclude the council from having a different outcome.

APPROVED and allowed Osseo Powersports, 116 County Road 81, to continue using a temporary sign until the permanent sign is ready for installation for up to six weeks.

ADOPTED a resolution authorizing an interfund loan for advance of certain costs in connection with the development of low- and moderate-income housing on Block 6.

APPROVED the adoption of the issuance and sales of $505,000 G.O. Improvement Bonds to Cronin & Company, Inc. at an interest rate of 2.3719 percent.