Dayton resident pens motivational life strategy guide for baby boomers

Dayton resident Nadia Giordana is checking off items on her bucket list left and right. She hopes her endeavors will inspire and motivate other women to do the same.

In 2006, Giordana found herself in a similar situation as countless others when she was laid off due to corporate downsizing.

“I was 58 at the time and felt my life is already over,” said Giordana. “I felt old and useless.”

But her journey began to take a sharp turn as she spent time reflecting on life and using positive visualization.

“It took time to crystallize,” said Giordana, but she listened to that other small voice within her that told her not to give up the fight just yet.

She went on to transform her life physically, mentally and emotionally as she shed 80-plus pounds. Always a lover of reading and writing, having worked as a magazine publisher at one time, Giordana capitalized on her life changing experience by doing something else she’d always wanted to get around to — writing a book.

That book, “Thinking Skinny,” earned recognition as a finalist in the 2009 Midwest Book Awards from the Midwest Independent Publishers Association.

She’s back at it, this time seeking to reach fellow female baby boomers who may find themselves hearing those same thoughts she initially had about giving up or that life is already over.

Her latest book, “Reinventing New Chapters in Your Life at Any Age,” outlines seven steps to awakening sidelined dreams and achieving new heights in the second half of life.

These include:

• Reshaping a healthier body and attitude

• Realigning out of sync personal relationships

• Redirecting thought patterns

• Rediscovering magic in life

• Removing lingering regrets

• Rewriting your new life chapter

• Revealing your intentions or reintroducing yourself

While geared toward women as the book is based on her personal experience and that of three additional Minnesota women interviewed for the book, Giordana believes the advice is applicable for men and women alike — anyone who feels stuck and is struggling with their future.

She believes the morsels of wisdom within her book are particularly relevant as a large segment of our population is moving into the second half of their lives and many people are — either by choice or by force — reevaluating their life plans largely due to economic conditions among other factors.

In keeping with her philosophy, Giordana is currently forging ahead conquering another great fear of hers — public speaking. She leads workshops and speaks at a variety of events sharing her life strategy.

Giordana launched the book in her hometown at the Two Rivers Music Fest in Motley July 27-29. It was published through her self-founded publishing company Cloud 9.

For more information or to purchase Giordana’s books, visit her website at


 Dayton resident Nadia Giordana spends launch weekend at a book signing at Two Rivers Music Fest in her hometown of Motley.

Dayton resident Nadia Giordana spends launch weekend at a book signing at Two Rivers Music Fest in her hometown of Motley.