Church looks at Franklin Township site

Old Apostolic Lutheran Church, of Minnetonka, is continuing its fact finding about possible relocation to 65 acres located in Franklin Township, west of 90th Street and County Road 13.

The Minnetonka church building is filled to capacity, and the congregation is looking for land for a second church. The land in Franklin Township is for sale.

Church representatives made a second trip to a Franklin Town Board meeting Tuesday, Aug. 7, and many interested township residents were in the audience. Town Board Chair John Czantskowski Sr. said the purpose of the meeting was to discuss access to the property, not other issues surrounding possible purchase of the land.

The issue of access to the property first came up at the July Town Board meeting. Greg Halling, of Halling Engineering, said he had spoken with Wright County Planning and Zoning. The highway department showed 16.5 feet of right of way access to the property. Halling wondered whether the narrow right of way would work for the church. If property owners would not give easements, the size of the road would make it impossible for a church to function in that location.

The Town Board told Halling that talking with adjacent property owners was the first step needed for moving ahead. The board recommended that the church get this process started.

On Aug. 7, the Town Board learned that the church is interested in a two-lane access, and the width of the road is a problem. Board Chair Czantskowski noted that the road already exists,  and the church wants to widen it rather than build a new one.

He said the road would have to be rebuilt to township standards and be able to handle church traffic. The church would pay for this road and would have to follow whatever terms are deemed acceptable by all parties. When the road is widened, all the standards would be changed — culverts, sewer, everything — and this would be part of the agreement.

Church representatives Scott Sarkinen and Jay Williamson said the church would cover costs and futures in a document and also cover legal fees. This land purchase is a new area for the congregation, and it wants to work together with landowners. Right now the church is fact finding to see whether moving to Franklin Township is feasible. If it can move forward, all other areas of concern would be addressed.

The Town Board also took up other business on Aug. 7.



The board approved the request of George Fake, 90th Street S.E., to rezone 60.25 acres from AG General Agricultural to AR Agricultural Residential. Also, the board granted him a conditional use permit for a four-lot subdivision. Both approvals are contingent upon flood issues being disclosed to future property owners. The development also must meet all Wright County Planning and Zoning requirements.



Tony Segler and Deloris Strey, of 72nd Street S.E., got Town Board approval for placing a basement on the property and moving in an existing house. They will take down the current house within 120 days of placing the new house. The approval is contingent upon the project meeting all Wright County Planning and Zoning requirements.