Weaving on Weaver Lake Road?

Maple Grove updated about road construction

The Maple Grove City Council received updates on current and upcoming road projects within the city at its Monday, Aug. 6 meeting.

The council also heard about the city’s Wellhead Protection Plan.




City Engineer/Public Works Director Ken Ashfeld gave the council updates on three road projects that impact a large portion of the city’s motorists.

The Bass Lake Road project is “pretty much on schedule,” according to Ashfeld.

“We are hopeful to have that project substantially completed within 45 days, where we will be putting traffic on all the lanes,” he added. “Currently, the work efforts are being placed on the bridge. That is the controlling factor at this point.”

The second project updated for the council was the Weaver Lake Road/85th Avenue project, from Main Street to the east. This work is also on schedule, according to Ashfeld. This project is planned to be completed by the end of this construction season.

The final road project Ashfeld updated was the Weaver Lake Road between the interstate and W. Fish Lake Road. The work has begun this week on the project. “There will be some minor work going along the edges of the road to update the handicapped ramps and that type of thing,” he said. “Some minor lane interruptions, but we are not shutting any lanes down for any extended period of time. That will occur over the working hours of a weekend and in throughout the evenings of those weekends.”

The first weekend closure will be Aug. 17. The second weekend closure will be Sept. 7. This is all weather depended.





Also during the meeting, the council heard from Civil Engineer Harlan Van Wyhe regarding the city’s Wellhead Protection Plan. What was before the council was the second part of the plan. The council received the first part report, approved by the Minnesota Department of Health, in February.

Van Wyhe said public water suppliers are required to develop a Wellhead Protection Plan and update these plans every 10 years.

“A Wellhead Protection Plan is a management strategy for protecting the drinking water supply [from health risk impacts],” he said.

There have been two main changes to the city’s plan since 2002, according to Van Wyhe. These include: considerations of drinking water pumping demand of about one billion gallons a year and watershed requirements for storm water infiltration.

Van Wyhe said the second part of the plan process, before the council Aug. 6, addresses the identification of a potential contamination source inventory and then measures that are aimed at preventing impacts to the ground water quality.

A public hearing was conducted, but no comments were received by the council.

The council then unanimously approved directing staff to submit the Maple Grove Wellhead Protection Plan to the Minnesota Department of Health. The plan will come back before the council after a 90-day review by the Department of Health.



In other action, the council:

SET a special City Council meeting for Monday, Aug. 20, at 6:30 p.m. The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss the 2013 budget.

APPOINTED Rob Pearson and Mike Kinnan to the position of Assistant Fire Chiefs effective Aug. 7.

HEARD from the newly crowned Maple Grove Ambassadors, Courtney Aydt, Laura Fisher and Danielle Rudin. The Ambassadors told the council about their upcoming year’s plans.