Unlike in Hassan, can’t ask questions in Rogers

To the Editor:


After attending several Rogers council meetings I finally realized why the Rogers council and staff easily outnumber the audience members for a typical meeting.

The citizen audience members are not permitted to ask questions. In Hassan, when an issue or proposal was brought forth the board would ask their questions and then provide an opportunity for the public to ask a question. In Rogers no questions may be asked by the public at any time during or after a presentation. The “interim” mayor claims that this is the way it’s done in most cities. Well, maybe Rogers and their citizens are not like “most” cities and would like clarification of issues before their money is spent.

The mayor then stated “We are not turning our meetings into a circus like Hassan meetings.” I asked “Have you ever been to a Hassan meeting?” Reply “certainly.” Now, having been a Hassan supervisor and attending many meetings for 40 years or so I couldn’t ever recall his presence.

It was always the goal in Hassan to get all the questions on the table since the board members may not think of every question to ask at the time. The mayor further stated: “There will be no audience questions as long as I am mayor.”

I therefore concluded that audience citizens should continue to act like robots but with their power turned off.

Jim Kelley