Osseo approves next step for ‘Premier’ expansion

The Osseo City Council heard a request for a lot split/combination between Mark Doran Properties (Premier Wines and Spirits) and Center Point Energy during its Monday, July 23 meeting.

The council also considered extending a lease with the Hennepin County Library for its use within Osseo City Hall.

Check next week’s paper for more actions from this meeting.



City Administrator Douglas Reeder said this request would allow the current Premier Wines and Spirits store to expand in the near future.

The properties in this lot split/combination consist of three parcels — 316 County Road 81, 257 Fourth Ave. S.E. and an unaddressed parcel just north of 257 Fourth Ave. S.E.

Last August the council approved the store’s expansion. Mark Doran Properties agreed to purchase the smaller triangular property from Center Point Energy and combine it with the liquor store parcel and a corner parcel in order to develop the property in accordance with its planned unit development (PUD) and site plan approval.

Reeder said the approval of the lot split/combination is the last step needed in place to proceed with the building permit and redevelopment of the site.

Councilor Rick Weber said he watched the Planning Commission’s meeting the previous week, where the group had no problem with the request. “I think the applicants are very eager,” he said. “I agree with all this.”

Mayor Al Lindquist said he appreciated the Dorans’ work and dedication in getting all the work done with Center Point Energy.

Applicant Becky Doran said, “I appreciate what the city has done. The city has been absolutely behind us.”

The new building will have a second-story office space and will be a total of 1,530 square feet.

The council approved 4-0 the lot split and combination by Mark Doran Properties and Center Point Energy to allow the applicant to proceed with the development.

Mayor Lindquist asked, “What is the next step?”

Becky Doran said the property needs to be closed on with Center Point Energy and then to get the financing for the project. She hopes to break ground within about three weeks and the project should be completed quickly.



Also during the meeting, the council looked at extending the lease with the library for additional five years. The Osseo Library has been in the city for 30 years.

In 2007, the city entered into an agreement with Hennepin County to lease space in City Hall for the Osseo Library. This agreement was for five years and expires Nov. 30, 2012. The existing lease states the county pays no rent and the county has the option to renew the lease without any rent. The county also has the right to cancel the lease with six months notice, but the city does not have the same rights.

The proposed lease amendment gives the county and city the right to cancel the lease with 180 days notice.

Administrator Reeder said, “The cost of the city providing this space annually… electricity and heat… is about $3,800.”

The council approved the library lease with Hennepin County.



In other action, the council:

ADOPTED the proposed budget schedule. Key dates include: Council budget work session on Aug. 8, preliminary budget presented to council Aug. 27, City Council adopts proposed budget on Sept. 10, proposed tax levy submitted to Hennepin County on Sept. 14, truth in taxation meeting on Dec. 3, continued meeting and City Council adopts 2013 budget Dec. 10 and 2013 budget certified to Hennepin County on Dec. 28.

APPROVED Osseo Lions Roars events for Friday, Sept. 7 and Saturday, Sept. 8.

PROCLAIMED Tuesday, Aug. 7, as Night to Unite within the city.