Dayton Police News & Notes


June did not bring the lower burglary numbers as hoped. Officer McAlpine continues to notify neighborhood watch groups about any burglaries or suspicious activity in the area. The department also recently sent out a letter to area businesses offering a free premise survey to help make their businesses as secure as possible.

One burglary was of particular concern. On June 24, a residential burglary occurred on the 13000 block of Hemlock Lane. The residents were inside the residence at the time of the burglary. Suspects were not able to gain access into the home as the door leading into the home was locked. Previous burglaries have been at unoccupied or vacant residences or businesses. The department asks that residents continue to keep a watchful eye and report suspicious activity.

There have been numerous reports of items being stolen from residents’ yards and outside businesses. Please make sure to secure all property and do not leave anything of value outside.


The speed limit on County Road 121 (129th Avenue) from just before Forestview Circle into Champlin has been reduced to 45 mph. The Department has now begun issuing speed citations in that area after a grace period for drivers to adjust to the change. Drivers, for the most part, are abiding by the change and slowing down in that area.


The Dayton Police Department has a Neighborhood Watch Program.

Officer McAlpine organized neighborhood meetings. The city is divided in to Neighborhood groups and each group will have a separate meeting. Watch for information on program meetings in your neighborhood. Officer McAlpine at 763-427-2017.


The Dayton Police will be out enforcing speed, seatbelts, and child restraint laws this summer. The police will also be working with other agencies on Towards Zero Deaths projects, and the Department will conduct Commercial Vehicle Enforcement.


Animals running at large continue to be a problem for the city. Please keep your animals under control. The Police Department does not transport, hold or pick up animals. If you find a stray animal, you need to call Monticello Animal Impound 612-859-6989.


McGruff House Program

The Dayton Police Department works in cooperation with the McGruff House Program. The program was designed to assist children who are in danger or have a medical emergency while going to and from school. If you are interested in being a McGruff House Participant, call Officer Dane McAlpine at 763-427-2017.


As of Jan. 1, 2010, there is no parking on the streets of Dayton between the hours of 2am and 6am without permits. Permits can be obtained from the Police Department at no charge. Call 763-427-2017