Dist. 728 board approves $128.9 million budget

The Elk River School Board approved a ($128,874,385) General Fund budget for the 2012-13 school year.

The budget does not include layoffs or elimination of significant programs or services.

The General Fund budget accounts for all revenues and expenditures for overall operations of Dist. 728. Included in the budget is administration, regular instruction, special education, transportation, normal operations and maintenance and extra-curricular activities. Executive Director of Business Services Randy Anderson and Manager of Finance Joe Primus’ plan calls for enrollment reaching 12,491 students.

The largest revenue source for the Dist. 728 budget comes from state revenue, projected to be $100,360,847. The balance of the budget primarily comes from local property taxes ($18,947,102) and federal revenue ($3,102,000).

Seventy-one percent of the budget is dedicated to classroom or student support services. The majority of the budget is dedicated to salaries and wages ($73,679,715 or 57 percent) and employee benefits ($26,642,273 or 21 percent).