Rockford Mayor seeks seat on Wright County Commission

Michael Beyer, the current Mayor of Rockford, is announcing his candidacy for Commissioner of District 4. Here is his statement

To me the Commissioners’ position is not a political career, but the opportunity to continue to make Wright County the place to live. I bring with me the experience of handling budgets during the economic good times and bad. For the past 12 years as the Rockford Mayor I have been involved in keeping taxes to a minimum, smart growth of a small city, and dealing with natural disasters like spring flooding. I have kept in perspective what the residents need for example streets, personal protection, and the services they expect.

My philosophy to governing is that "If you control your expenses and have extra tax money that doesn’t mean you have to spend it, likewise when you don’t have enough tax money you just don’t automatically turn on the tax collection tap."

I have taken my responsibility as keeper of the residents’ money seriously and will continue that philosophy as County Commissioner. The money collected for the services that residents pay for and expect should be used wisely.

I have been a resident of Rockford for 27 years. I am an active member of the Rockford Volunteer Fire Dept and have been for the past 18 years. I served as a council member for four years, and have been the Mayor for the past 12 years. My work experience includes 30 years managing restaurants and eight years as a manager at Menards in Buffalo.

My vision for Wright County is to maintain the highest standard of living possible. People move to Wright County to get away from the big city and should expect the same services that the more populated counties offer.

If you want to see how I conduct city business, and come to your own conclusions, go to the city of Rockford website ( and watch a meeting. Watch the budget meeting on April 24 or any of the other meetings to see what you will be voting for at the primary on Aug. 14.

For more information, check out my website,