Maple Grove Ambassador Program hosts Meet the Candidates event

Summer is getting off to a busy and exciting start for the 2012 Maple Grove Ambassador Candidates.

So far the candidates have cleaned up County Road 30, along the section adopted by the Maple Grove Ambassador Scholarship Program. They also visited the Maple Grove farmer’s market, volunteered at Feed My Starving Children and taken a tour of the beautiful Maple Grove Government Center for a better understanding of the workings of the city.

The candidates introduced themselves to the community at the annual Meet the Candidates event Thursday, June 14. The ladies wore outfits of their own creative design, with everything from a dress made of maps to a hat made of Rice Crispy treats. It was also the first of four judged events in which the candidates participate.

Each candidate has a sponsor. The ladies spent a luncheon speaking with and getting to know more of what their sponsors are all about.

Everyone is invited to join the current Maple Grove Ambassadors on Friday, July 13, at Maple Grove Senior High, as they close the end of their year, and crown three new leaders to start their own journey as the 2012 Maple Grove Ambassadors.