Rumors that Bezek got DWIs are false


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Rumors circulating in the community that Superintendent Mark Bezek had gotten one or more DWIs are not true.

Upon receiving an anonymous email alleging Bezek had gotten several DWIs over a five-year period, the Star News checked with the Elk River Police Department to find out if they had issued the school chief any DWIs during his tenure.

They had not, according to Elk River Police Capt. Bob Kluntz.

When the rumors continued to surface, the Star News began digging deeper. A state-wide check showed nothing. Aside from checking state by state, however, there was no way to completely put to rest the rumors.

So the Star News contacted Bezek and asked him to have the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension to run a complete check of his driving records.

He agreed and the Star News has since received a copy of a BCA report from the Elk River Police Department, which shows Bezek has not been issued any DWIs.

Speculation had surfaced back in March when the superintendent took a medical leave. He was on an Elk River Area School Board-approved medical leave from March 22 to April 18.

Rod Barnes, the executive director of labor relations and personnel services for the Elk River Area School District, provided the dates of Bezek’s absence, but said laws prohibited him from saying any more.

Bezek has chosen to keep the reasons for his leave private. He did, however, upon his return tell the paper he did not do anything illegal that brought about the leave. He said it was entirely a personal decision to go on a leave.