Maple Grove Police warn of thefts from vehicles

The Maple Grove Police Department would like to remind residents to be sure that they are removing valuables from their vehicles and locking their car doors.

Since the beginning of the year there have been a reported 123 thefts from autos in the city. Of those 123, 56 were vehicles that were left unlocked.

The thefts from unlocked vehicles are mainly occurring to cars in the driveway. There have been some incidents that people have left their garage doors open overnight or service door unlocked and has occurred where the garage is entered and thieves go through the unlocked cars that are parked in the garage.

In the last month Maple Grove Police Officers have also noticed an increase in garage doors being left open overnight. Officers are asking residents to double check that they are closing their garage doors when homeowners are not outside. By simply closing a garage door, it will help prevent garage burglaries, vehicle thefts, and theft from autos.

Residents should also be aware thefts are also occurring when the garage doors are open during the day, according to Maple Grove Police. If residents are home and actively working in the garage and front yard where they can monitor their garage and home then there really is not an issue, but if residents are leaving their garage doors open while they are working on things in their home… thefts and burglaries can occur.

According to Maple Grove Police, it would only take a thief a few minutes to run into a garage and grab what they want or search an unlocked car or two.

It is important to remember that valuable items are stored in garages and when garage doors are left open, or service doors unlocked the opportunity is presented for someone to steal these items.

Common items that are targeted in these thefts are tools, lawn equipment, sports equipment, and valuables items that are left in vehicles. If anyone observes any suspicious activity, call 911 immediately.

If residents have any questions regarding these thefts, crime trends or would like crime prevention tips don’t hesitate to contact Maple Grove Police Crime Prevention at 763-494-6134 or [email protected].

– Compiled by Alicia Miller