Maple Grove hears of legal matter regarding law enforcement facility

By Alicia Miller

[email protected]

The Maple Grove City Council Monday, June 4, went into a closed session to hear about a possible legal issue facing the city.

In other matters, the council considered a proposed project on the Barther Property, which would include some single-family detached residential lots.

The council also approved an agreement for shuttle service to and from the Minnesota State Fair.

This and other action took place during the meeting.


The council went into a closed session at the end of the meeting. The reason was to review the potential legal matters associated with the Law Enforcement Training Facility.

City Attorney George Hoff said there was "threat of litigation the city has received with the specifications and bidding process with regard to the facility."

He added, "I consider it extremely important that we have this discussion in a closed session. The reason for that is, that if the opinions and advice that I’m going to provide you with respect to the threat of litigation in relation to the process is made public it could operate to the detriment to the city with respect to litigation that may or may not ensue at a later point in time."


In other matters, the council considered a comprehensive plan amendment planned unit development (PUD) and development stage plan. The proposed plan would include changing the land designation from public and semi-public to low-medium density residential and a PUD concept and development stage plan for the purpose of developing 56 single-family detached residential lots.

The property is located south of 73rd Avenue N. and east of Bass Lake Road. Access to the property is from an extension of Vagabond Lane. The second access point is from 72nd Way.

The owner of the property is the Osseo Area School District, who at one time considered building a school on the site.

There are also three trail connections that come into the property from the north and east and sidewalks along the streets with pedestrian access to a proposed city-owned neighborhood park in the northwest corner of the development.

Mayor Mark Steffenson asked how the proposed park would be developed, with two baseball diamonds or a soccer field overlaid or both. City Planner Peter Vickerman said, "As the plat moves on and the land is dedicated to the city, the Park Board will be working with the Parks Department to actually design it. This design is just from the applicant to kind of indicate there is enough room out there to do these things."

He added the final design would be done by the city’s Park Department.

The Maple Grove Fire Department recommended the islands in the cul-de-sacs be removed to allow better movement of emergency vehicles. The council suggested the islands have smaller shrubs and plants as landscaping.

The council approved directing staff to draft an ordinance rezoning the property to single-family residential PUD, to draft a resolution approving the requested land use plan amendment from public/semi-public to low-medium density residential, and to draft a resolution approving the PUD concept and development stage plan of Bather Property including the cul-de-sacs.


Also during the meeting, the council approved the 2012 State Fair shuttle service agreement with the Metropolitan Council.

Metro Transit again approached the city about providing the shuttle bus service from the Maple Grove Transit Station to the State Fair grounds on Saturdays, Sundays and Labor Day. Metro Transit will also be providing all the staff and equipment to run the buses every 30 minutes from 8 a.m. to midnight.

The only responsibility on the city’s part is to provide the access to the ramp and station.

Ridership of the Metro Transit’s State Fair bus from the city’s Transit Station has increased from 10,288 in 2006 to 20,475 in 2011.


In other action, the council:

APPROVED the on sale intoxicating/Sunday sale liquor license for Maple Grove Cambria Suites, 9655 Grove Circle, subject to a compliance with liquor license requirements.

APPOINTED Jesse Corrow to the position of Zoning Enforcement Officer effective June 25, subject to a 12-month probationary period.


Weaver Lake Road close

Public Works Director Ken Ashfeld said during the Maple Grove City Council meeting Monday, June 4, that Weaver Lake Road will be closed in the coming weeks for construction.

The road will be closed to traffic from Jefferson Highway and County Road 81 starting next week or the week after. The road will be closed for a total of three weeks.

The closure will allow the railroad to change out the railroad crossing.