District 279 Synchro Gators place at State

The District 279 "Gators" Synchronized Swim Team gave the crowd an outstanding performance at the MN State High School Synchronized Swim Meet on May 24 and May 25. The meet was held at the University of Minnesota Aquatic Center. The District 279 Gators team is comprised of swimmers from Maple Grove Senior High, Osseo Senior High, Maple Grove Junior High and Osseo Junior High.

Erika Badger, a ninth grader at Osseo Junior High, took 1st place in the Short Figures competition, proudly bringing home a gold medal. As a promising young swimmer, she also took eighth place in the Short Solo competition.

The Short Team members finished third place in the program with a precise, explosive performance, taking home a bronze medal for the team. The 3rd place medal was a milestone for the Gators, as it marked the first time a Short Team placed in the top 3 at State. The team members were comprised of Erika Badger, Lindsay Breidenbach, Sarah Dill, Lauren Durdin, Mary Eckberg, Meghan McBride, Captain Kristine Strangis and Christina Wall.

Also placing at State were Gabby Mavick, Abby Rolfs and Haley Wasti. Only eighth graders at Osseo Junior High, these young ladies took an impressive fifth place in the Short Trio competition. Marissa Lee, an 11th grader at Osseo Senior High, performed beautifully and took sixth place in the Long Solo competition.

Finally, the Extended Team comprised of Captain Maggie Hill, Captain Maggie Rolfs, Marissa Lee, Colleen McCuskey, Hannah Scievelbein and Devin Stark gave the crowd an exciting performance and finished in 11th place.

"I am so proud of the team’s accomplishments at Sections and State this year," stated Head Coach Joanne Neumann. "They have worked hard and are very deserving of the awards they took home this year. We have a young, talented team and it’s going to be exciting to watch what they can accomplish in the future."