Dist. 877 reports healthy fund balance

The Buffalo School Board heard from staff that Dist. 877 is realizing a healthy fund balance.

The board also heard that open enrollment would be closed for Early Childhood Education.


Finance staff Gary Kawlewski and Tina Burkholder reported that general fund numbers have remained consistent as projected.

They said the budget was adopted at the time of the state shutdown. Budget adjustments are being made to the General Fund, Community Service, Debt Service and OPEB Trust.

The legislature did approve $50 on the state formula that the district did not know at the time of the budget approval. Expenditure revisions include contract negotiations, changes in benefit participation, TRA rates, approval of STEM program, copier lease program, etc.

In related matters, Kawlewski and Burkholder reported about the preliminary 2012-13 budget.

They said budget parameters are set using November enrollment projections, the $379 referendum renewal, maintained staffing ratios, 2.0 FTE Special Education staffing contingency, 4.3 FTE Superintendent contingency, salary and benefit changes based on settlements and market conditions, integration budget revenue as stipulated in current law, expiration of STEM grant, continued cost containment measures, OPEB contributions, General Ed formula allowance of $5,224, new literacy aid, expiration of Federal Ed Jobs bill, spending of capital designation and Tax Sheltered Annuity match contributions starting in 2012-13 for teachers.

The budget will be presented at the June meeting for approval.


In other news, staff member Joy Kieffer reported that the board is closing open enrollment, non-resident agreements and intra-district transfers in the Early Childhood Special Education Department, for the 2012-13 school year (through June 30, 2013), or until a future action of the board rescinds this resolution during the 2012-13 school year.

The district will continue to serve all students who live in the district, whose parents work in the district or who attend daycare in the district.

In other action, the board:

APPROVED the Custodial Negotiations Settlement – 1.75% first year and 1.0% second year for a total package of 4.67%.

-Compiled by Aaron Brom