Parking restrictions along 82nd Avenue now in place

No parking is now in place along a portion of 82nd Avenue in Maple Grove.

The Maple Grove City Council approved prohibiting parking along 82nd Avenue N. between Kimberly and Inland Lanes. Along this section of 82nd Avenue there is a pedestrian crosswalk in the middle of the block, which provides access to the southern portion of Weaver Lake Park.

According to staff, the city has been receiving comments about the poor visibility due to the on-street parking adjacent to the crosswalk. Staff recommended the parking restriction because of four conditions. They include: 82nd Avenue is a 40 mph road, there are periods of high demand for street parking because of park activities, sight distance is impacted with parked cars near the crosswalk and the midblock crosswalk is signed and striped.

There will be no parking within 40 feet of the crosswalk on all sides along this portion of 82nd Avenue. The parking restriction will continue on the northern portion of 82nd Avenue from the crosswalk east to the parking lot entrance.

-Compiled by Alicia Miller