St. Michael measures up in receiving ‘clean’ audit

The city of St. Michael received a good audit report, noting that the city fares well compared to statewide measures.

The council also heard about the city administrator transition, and gave consensus to move forward with a year-round oil drop off facility.


Auditor Adrienne Mutzenberger was present to review the 2011 comprehensive annual financial report.

She said there was one material weakness listed – limited segregation of duties. She said given the small size of St. Michael’s staff, there is no way to have complete segregation of duties.

She also said there was one minor noncompliance – not paying two invoices within 35 days as required by the state. She said this could be due to a number of things, including that the council twice per year has three weeks between council meetings.

Mutzenberger went over each of the funds and how the city’s tax capacity and revenues and expenditures per capita compare to statewide statistics. She concluded that, overall, this is a very good report and clean audit.

Mayor Jerry Zachman and councilors Chris Schumm, Nadine Schoen, Joe Marx and Kevin Kasel then accepted the financial report as presented.


In other news, city administrator Bob Derus updated the council regarding the transition plan for his retirement.

Derus’ last day is June 29.

He said he is confident that staff will be able to keep things going and there are no concerns he has right now related to the transition. Derus did caution that staff is very lean right now, and when growth eventually picks up, staff will need to be hired.

The council out of curiosity inquired when Derus’ first day was working with the city, and he responded March 31, 1997.

After Derus retires, city engineer Steve Bot will be the top staff manager, conducting administrator duties in addition to maintaining his engineering role.


In further matters, engineer Bot said East Side Oil – the city’s oil vendor at the annual clean-up day – asked if St. Michael would be interested in providing an oil drop off facility for the public to use year-round.

Bot said there is space for a facility in the compost site area, and that it would be at no cost to the city. East Side Oil would maintain it and empty it when needed.

Bot did say the oil drop off would have to be available for anyone to use and could not be limited to just St. Michael or Hanover residents as is the case with compost and brush.

Bot said he would have the city attorney review the contract and if the council is ok with moving forward, it would be added to a future consent agenda for approval. The council’s consensus was to move forward with providing the oil drop off facility.

In other action, the council:

APPROVED a one-year special use permit for 11401 16th St. (near Hanover border) for a resident to prepare food at home.

DETERMINED not to have regularly scheduled work sessions each month, but instead to schedule sessions as items come up. The council set a special work budget work session for Tuesday, July 31, at 7 p.m.

-Compiled by Aaron Brom