Move over, Manolo Blahnik


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You name it, he’s got it…on his shoes.

And, no, Mitch Andersen, a Rockford High School Senior, didn’t step in anything. He did, however, waltz into the winner’s circle at the Minnesota State High School League’s Visual Arts Competition. With just about every artistic medium and concept he could conjure up (photography, image transfer, print painting, fabric markers), Andersen transformed a seemingly tame pair of Vans into something extraordinary.

Andersen was inspired to this level of creativity by a contest his art teacher, Cynthia Miller, suggested he enter. And, although he didn’t win that competition, the judges at the MSHSl competition were impressed big time. Aside from naming him an award-winning artist, Andersen was invited to speak about his creation to a standing room only crowd at the College of Visual Arts Gallery.

This is the first year Miller’s students participated in the event, but a very memorable one. Of the sixteen RHS participants, all received superior or excellent ratings on their work.

Miller, who’s been with the district for 10 years, was ecstatic over the showing.

"It was a wonderful event and awesome to honor these State level award students and their art pieces. Much to be proud and happy about. Mitchell Andersen represented Rockford with pride and a spirit of genuine enthusiasm for this achievement."

Andersen should be kicking up his heels in excitement. And, wow, wouldn’t that be a sight?