Maple Grove Days Medallion Hunt 3rd clue

The Maple Grove Days celebration is again featuring the popular hunt for the medallion. The cash prize for finding the maple leaf shaped medallion is $500 from the Lookout Bar & Grill.

Clues for the medallion hunt will be published each Thursday in the Osseo-Maple Grove Press, as well as on the Maple Grove Days website on at and

These clues will be updated each week through July 12 or until the medallion is found.

For daily updates on whether or not the medallion has been found, searchers can call 763-494-5956.

Here is the third week’s clue:

Whose woods these are I think I know,

They belong to the city of Maple Grove.

The smell of water rises near,

As quickly on my hunt I go.

Hunt on, because the summer’s here

And light lasts long; there is no fear

Of missing something of that size.

But to the rules I must adhere.

I’ll find it and to no surprise,

The Lookout will give me a prize.

$500 before my eyes,

$500 before my eyes