STMA students step outside the classroom; Embark outdoors for learning experience


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St. Michael-Albertville elementary students took a trip outdoors for the second year in a row to learn about wildlife.

Students from Kay Nowell’s high school environmental class again hosted the event at the ponds/trail area in the woods behind Fieldstone Elementary School and the high school.

As a matter of fact, parts of this outdoors area are still under construction. Roger Bovee’s high school projects class was on site building a bridge that would link two trails over a creek.

"Our dream is to keep building trails at the backside of this property," Nowell said.

The St. Michael Rotary Club donated funds for the bridge, and donated funds for the trails.

As part of the learning experience, students from Big Woods and Fieldstone elementary schools visited several learning stations around the main pond. Nowell’s students set up exhibits about things like fish, water bugs, reptiles, insects, butterflies and caterpillars, pheasants/ducks and squirrels/rabbits.

"The outdoors area is getting bigger and bigger. This is authentic learning at its best," Nowell said.

And, she noted, the area is open for the public to explore.