Delano edges Loretto town team


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Elementary teacher and town team catcher Any Brown put on a show in more than one way Saturday when his Delano amateur baseball team edged Loretto 7-6 in North Star League action.

Every year Brown runs what is called "kids night" at the town team game when the second grade teacher at Delano Elementary invites students to a Delano baseball game.

The event Saturday attracted about 1,000 fans estimates coach Eilen. Students would run the bases between innings and good students would receive give-a ways.

During the game, Brown gave his students a thrill when he hit a solo home run in the 5-run fourth inning to help spark a rare victory over Loretto in recent years.

"Loretto has owned the series the past four or five years," said Eilen about not defeating the rivals too many times.

Delano dropped from Class B to C in the North Star League based on the fact it has so many home grown players. This year the team is low on depth after losing five players from last season. Plus, players from the Delano high school team will not come until after the season which is going strong.

Joey Althoff started on the Mound for Delano and provided one of the three home runs in the fourth. The other was by brother Jeff Althoff.

Loretto brought in young pitcher Ryan Tapani, the son of former Twins pitcher Kevin Tapani, who allowed four hits in five innings of relief.

The game was tied in the seventh and Loretto took a one-run lead into the last of the 10th. Brown and Kevin Jaunich both singled and scored on a two-out single by Ryan Hayes that got past the outfielder.

Delano improved to 3-3 overall, 2-0 in the East Division. The team includes infielders Justin Pollock, Jay Stevens, Joey Althoff, Kevin Jaunich and Ryan Hayes.

Outfielders are Josh Muckenhirn, Jeff Althoff, Kevin Jaunich and Adam Jaunich. Pitchers include Joey Althoff, Aaron Swenson, Matt Arens, Nick Kelzer and newcomer Jud McKown. Tyler Wolfe will join the team once the prep season ends.

Arens did not play last weekend after falling off a roof. Kelzer is dealing with shoulder problems.

Delano plays at Green Isle Friday, 7:30 p.m. June 8. Sunday games starting at 2 p.m. include Delano at Maple Plaine, Cokato at Rockford and Buffalo at Loretto.