Build a boat to float or duct tape fashion for Maple Grove Days

Did you build a cardboard boat in school or maybe a scouting event? Here’s a chance to build a boat that can float a 24 pack of pop without getting wet. And win money.

Boats must be homemade and no pre-made boats or motorized boats from the store allowed in this creative competition. The boats will be guided by a member of the 2- to 6-person team in the water down the Lazy River at Grove Cove, which is 3 1/2 feet deep. The boat must survive floating down the full length of the river and keep the 24 pack of pop dry. No breakable items, tacks, pins or crepe paper can be used and any craft maybe disqualified if contamination or damage to the river is possible.

The boats will be judged on creativity, design and seaworthiness. Prizes for First Place is $50, Second Place is $30 and Third Place is $15. So start planning that boat now, prepare for Saturday, July 14, Float a Boat challenge.

Are you crazy about fashion? Do you believe you can make anything out of duct tape? Well if people do believe they can make anything with duct tape, then here is their challenge. Design anything from duct tape and enter the Duct Tape Contest and/or Fashion Show. The categories are: Best Individual Sculpture, Accessories, Runway Outfit and Best Costume.

Competition will be at the Town Green Saturday, July 14, at 2 p.m. Participants will be on stage at the Town Green presenting their designs. Also, for some great patterns and innovative ideas check out the "Wearable Duct Tape" workshop Saturday, June 23.

The event is open to youth ages 11-17 with a registration fee of $10.

Registration forms for both these fun events are available at or at the Maple Grove Community Center.