Rogers looks to save thousands in energy efficiency


Contributing Writer

The Rogers City Council authorized a request to receive bids for a previously approved project to improve the energy efficiency of the wastewater treatment facility.

It also approved an increase to the parking standards for restaurants.


In 2011 the city hosted a Minnesota Technical Assistance Program, MnTAP, intern who conducted an energy efficiency study at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The results included a project to improve energy efficiency by installing six new electric motors with the ability to decrease their speed as their workload of maintaining dissolved oxygen in the treatment process decreases.

"65 to 70% of the entire energy consumption of the plant is in the northern portion of the plant in the oxidation ditches," said John Seifert, Public Works Superintendent.

The new motors and their installation come at a cost of $75,000 after $20,000 in rebates from Xcel Energy. They will save the city an estimated $15,000 a year, with an estimated lifespan of 20 years.

The old motors are 17 years old and originally slated to be replaced in three years.


In response to feedback from area restaurant owners, the council had previously agreed to review the city’s ordinances regarding the number of parking spaces allowed at fast food restaurants, sit-down restaurants, and bars/lounges.

The planning commission found that the ordinance for sit-down restaurants did not adequately take staff and bar/lounge parking usage into account.

The council voted to amend the ordinance to include additional allowable parking spaces based on the square footage of these areas.